The Library: Where to go for help

Face to face on campus

Want to put a face to a name or prefer that one-on-one help?  Come and see us in the Library in the Student Centre.  Check out our opening hours here.

Go to Level 2 for questions about borrowing, find us roving on Level 3 or come up to Level 4 for research & assignment help.  We have a Teaching Resources Library in the Faculty of Education as well which is open weekdays from 10am-5pm.

Chat with a librarian

If you need that instant answer to your question, check out Chat with a Librarian. Find the link on all of our Library webpages. We’re waiting to answer your query from 9am-5pm weekdays.


If you prefer to hear a voice, phone us on (07) 838-4507 or (07) 837-9122 during business hours.


If email is your thing or you have a tricky question that doesn’t lend itself to chat, email us on We will get back to you by the end of the working day, often sooner.


Prefer talking to us in person but you’re nowhere near campus? Then book an appointment with a librarian. This video conferencing tool allows us to share our screens and give real-time personal help.

Academic Liaison Librarians (postgraduates)

If you are a postgraduate student, get friendly with your Academic Liaison Librarian – they are your lifeline! Contact them to organise a time to chat. Check out our Support for Postgraduate Students page for more information and to find your Academic Liaison Librarian. Please book sessions well in advance and don’t leave things to the last minute!

Video guides

If you prefer getting your information visually, go to our short video guides and find out about all things Library.

Print guides

We have many text based Library guides. Find instructions on how to use Library Search, find academic material, use specialist databases and Google Scholar, and much more.


If we are not around, the Library webpages are a valuable source of information that is just a click away.  Check out pages like Subject Portals, referencing, databases.

Library Search

This allows you to search for the Library’s online and print resources through a single search box.  Check out the tips below the search box, the Library Search Guide or video guides for more help.

ILR (Information Literacy Resource)

If you are new to study or have had a long break from it, the ILR will set you up with the skills you need to analyse and evaluate information and research effectively for assignments.

Things you may need to know later


When we don’t have a book or article that you are after, we can usually get it for you from other libraries in New Zealand or overseas. We do this through an interlibrary loan service.   Check out the step-by-step guides or contact us and we will walk you through the process.

Research Commons

Research Commons is Waikato’s open access repository of staff research and Higher and Masters degrees deposited since 2006.


The library has help pages for several different referencing styles, including APA, MHRA, MLA, NZ Law. Check out our referencing page for quick guides, common examples and more.


We as librarians do not do proofreading or check through assignments. However, Student Learning offers a service 'Written comment on an assignment draft' My feedback on draft, which is not proofreading, but can help you identify common errors in your writing. You can also edit and proof-read your own work before submitting it for grading.

Trouble shooting

If for any reason you have difficulties accessing library pages or databases, firstly try opening them in a different browser (e.g. Google Chrome, IE, Firefox etc). This can sometimes help. If problems persist, please contact library staff.