Learn about how we can support kaiako in the area of pakirehua.

Pakirehua, or a Māori perspective of Inquiry, is a natural process where kura are actively engaged in cycles of inquiry which result in deliberate acts of facilitation and teaching to improve student achievement. Careful analysis of the word pakirehua leads to the following responses:

  • paki - a fine, clear day, - a story
  • rehu - rainbow, mist, to chip away
  • hua - to bear fruit
  • rehua - a son of Rangi and Papa who lives in the highest heaven, guardian of  knowledge; also a star.

We have facilitators who are passionate and skilled in the area of pakirehua who can support kaiako to:

  • develop pakirehua/inquiry as a way of being
  • ensure pakirehua/inquiry is fostered as dynamic, ongoing, transformative and community-focussed

For further information about developing or enhancing the use of Pakirehua in your kura or community of kura, please contact Marama Reweti-Martin or Tammy Gardiner.

From a Māori perspective, Inquiry/Pakirehua has always been and is what we’ve always done, it's part of our DNA. Ancestors, Tipuna show the way for us; their stories, experiences and knowledge are a natural part of understanding how we (as Māori) inquire, are curious and solve problems. 

- Tammy Gardiner and Marama Reweti-Martin.

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