Libby Giles

Meet Libby Giles, Education Director of Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence (CAPEs).


Education Director CAPEs




  • MOE Accredited 
  • English Medium Accredited 


  • Cultural Capability
  • Localised curriculum


2020   Diploma of Global Leadership, University of Peace, Costa Rica

2004 Grad Dip Teaching (Secondary), Auckland University

2002 Master Professional Studies (International Relations and Human Rights), Auckland University

2001 BA Hons, Auckland University

My Experience

Libby is a specialist practitioner in global citizenship education (GCED).  She has set up whole school models of GCED in two New Zealand secondary schools and is active in the development of transformative education for global citizenship, sustainable development, and well-being.  Her teaching background includes history and philosophy.  She most recently held a senior leadership position at St Cuthbert’s College.  Libby is Director of the New Zealand Centre of Global Studies (NZCGS), a non-profit organisation, undertaking research and policy analysis on global affairs and New Zealand’s role within that realm.

Libby’s  approach to global citizenship is whole-organisation, philosophical, and centred in responsibility.  Committed to meeting local and international goals, she seeks to empower people with the knowledge and skills to think critically, act responsibly, and live well.

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Libby Giles