The Waikato Students' Union is the voice of the student body on campus. The organisation is governed by a group of democratically elected students who listen, speak and act passionately on behalf of students, and have done for over 40 years. The WSU provides support services and consultation for students, clubs, and class reps. They create full weekly student experience programmes - from regular barbecues through to O’Week festivities - and provide an unfiltered platform for student voice through the multi-award-winning Nexus magazine.

Student Support

The WSU has a few key ways in which they support students at the University of Waikato:

Student Engagement

The Student Engagement team manages a network of over 85 rōpū, clubs, and societies as part of the WSU’s commitment to an active campus. That network features clubs from every aspect of the University environment. Archetypal clubs such as debating and mooting societies are now joined by gaming clubs, cultural societies, casual hiking clubs, and a range of religious groups. If students can’t find a club that fits them, the WSU Student Engagement team is always available to guide them through the process of making their own.

Student Advocacy

Whether it’s tenancy, academic or hardship issues, the WSU provide a free, confidential, “no judgement” advocacy service to ensure students are aware of their rights, processes, and know that someone will always have their back. With a comprehensive list of support partners, including Community Law Waikato and Hamilton Budgeting Advisory Trust, WSU Student Advocacy ensures you get the best advice from the right people.

Student Voice

When the WSU was founded, it was based on the principle of ensuring the student voice was heard, and nearly 50 years later, that still remains their driving principle. With a 12-member board comprised entirely of students, including an elected President on the University Council, a dedicated Vice-President Māori, and a new Tauranga and Pacific director, the WSU ensures your voice matters. The Student Voice team assist in the training of class reps and provide a support service called Reo Tauira, carrying out regular consultations on campus issues and working proactively with the University to provide student-focused solutions. With the WSU we are here to ensure your voice is heard.

Student Experience

The WSU has always felt that the University experience should be more than just academics. They have a dedicated Student Experience team providing daily activities on campus, managing student spaces, and cooking free food. The last few years have also seen them develop inter-divisional competitions, expand Orientation and Reorientation weeks, as well as develop programmes for wellness and mental health awareness.


At the heart of the student experience is Nexus. A student magazine that provides its readers with an editorial resource to discover and challenge ideas about news, music, politics, arts, technology, and general student life. Nexus strives to encompass and reflect student culture in all its diversity.

They’re constantly on the lookout for writers, artists, creatives, and media enthusiasts. If you’re keen to get involved, simply email: For more information visit the Ground Floor of the Students' Union Building (SUB) between 9am to 4pm (Monday to Friday), visit the WSU website:, or email