List A: Advanced Study


LEGAL501 Advanced Evidence Law
LEGAL502 Advanced Privacy Law
LEGAL505 Critical Issues in the Treaty of Waitangi in Contemporary Aotearoa
LEGAL508 Advanced Family Law
LEGAL512 Advanced Media Law
LEGAL513 Critical Issues in Agriculture and Law
LEGAL515 Advanced Construction Law
LEGAL517  Advanced Conflict of Laws
LEGAL518  Advanced Arbitration
LEGAL519  Advanced Maritime Law
LEGAL520 Intellectual Property Law and Policy
LEGAL521 Advanced Employment Law
LEGAL523 Advanced Civil Litigation
LEGAL525 Critical Issues in Contemporary and International Indigenous Law
LEGAL526 Legal Aspects of Cyber Security
LEGAL527 Advanced Issues in Charity Law
LEGAL528 Advanced Foreign Investment Law
LEGAL531 Advanced International Environmental Law
LEGAL534 Transnational Criminal Law
LEGAL535 Advanced Environmental Law
LEGAL540 Critical Issues for Pacific Peoples and the Law
LEGAL551 Reconciliation, Justice and Indigeneity
LEGAL552 Critical Issues in International Criminal Law
LEGAL556 Advanced New Zealand Animal Law
LEGAL562 Law of International Trade
LEGAL568 Issues in Public Law
LEGAL569 International Law – A Place for Indigenous Rights
LEGAL574 Law and Information Technology
LEGAL576 Law and Information Technology
LEGAL577 National & International Human Rights Law
LEGAL580 Advanced Banking Law
LEGAL583 Advanced Immigration and Refugee Law
LEGAL587 Advanced Health Law
LEGAL593 Thesis
LEGAL594 Thesis