Corporate Services

Chief Operating Officer

Jim Mercer BA MA Durh ACA ICAEW

Planning, Performance and Analytics

Director of Planning, Performance and Analytics

Manishi Kohli MSIT Lincoln(NZ)


Director of Finance

Anthony Robertson BSc Lough MBA Glam CA ICAEW

Deputy Director of Finance

Michelle Butler BSocSc BEd Waik DipT

Associate Director of Financial Operations

Richard Brown ACIS

Associate Director Financial Systems Improvement

Graham Hunter CA

Information and Technology Services

Chief Information Officer

Eion Hall MBA PGDip Waik

Associate Director Networks, Security and Assurance

Dougal Mair DipBusSt Massey

Associate Director Digital Platforms and Architecture

Glenn Penfold

Associate Director Programme and Commercial

David Gunn BSocSc GradDipPR PGDipMgtSt Waik

Associate Director Service Operations

Angela Scott

Property Services

Director Campus Operations and Risk Management

Lynn Bourne DipFM UNE BCS Waik

Director of Property Development and Infrastructure

Tony Kavanagh