The Department of Mathematics at the University of Waikato engages in research across a wide spectrum of mathematical topics. In particular, we have expertise in space science, general relativity, combinatorics, algebra, probability, machine learning, and Bayesian statistics.

Applied Mathematics

Research in the field of applied mathematics typically involves constructing models of physical systems which can then be solved using partial differential equations and advanced computational methods.
Professor Sean Oughton
Associate Professor Jacob Heerikhuisen
Dr Woei Chet Lim

Pure Mathematics

Research in pure mathematics explores intrinsic concepts and structural properties of mathematical systems, which forms the foundation of modern mathematics.
Associate Professor Nicholas Cavenagh
Dr Tim Stokes
Dr Ian Hawthorn
Dr Raziyeh Zarre

Probability & Statistics

Research in probability focusses on understanding systems that exhibit random behaviour. Statistics is the science of analysing and interpreting data.
Dr Han Gan
Dr Jason Kurz
Dr Paul Brown

We offer post-graduate research projects as part of these qualifications: