Te Raupapa Waikato Management School

Value can be created across various business and management disciplines, through establishing cross functional skills and shaping expertise on a commercial, social and environmental scale.

Recent events

Professor Mark Harcourt shared his research around union defaults in an Academic Seminar entitled 'The Union Default Debate: to opt in or to opt out?'

Mark discussed union default, and compared and contrasted the idea of opting-in versus opting-out of a union. This seminar was supported by research that Mark has done, to understand current perspectives of employees towards the opt-in union process, and how employees are currently prevented from exercising a choice, whether it be a choice to opt-in or a choice to opt-out.

Watch Professor Mark Harcourt's seminar

Supply Chain Management

Dr Cécile L'Hermitte and Dr Nadia Trent are both senior lecturers in supply chain management at the University of Waikato.


Cécile is an Associate Investigator in the multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional Te Hiranga Rū QuakeCoRE research group (New Zealand Centre for Earthquake Resilience).

QuakeCoRE aims to establish and link multi-institutional national research programmes that are internationally networked. The research programmes will advance the science and implementation pathways of earthquake resilience through system-level science with highly integrated collaborations coordinated across the physical, engineering and social sciences and relevant research institutions.

For more information about QuakeCoRE

Maritime research

One area that Nadia's research focuses on is maritime connectivity. In recent years, her research has shown that New Zealand is becoming more isolated from a maritime connectivity perspective. This in turn could diminish New Zealand's international trade competitiveness.

Read How the port blockage threatens our global trade network  published online at Stuff's website

Examples of publications

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