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Watch the video to learn how students at Waikato Management School can gain real-world business experiences through our Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) papers, which bridge academic learning with professional skills to foster your future success in the workplace.

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A Work Integrated Learning (WIL) paper is embedded in each of our undergraduate degrees, in the third year of the Bachelor of Business and the Bachelor of Communication. This provides students with hands-on experience to extend and develop their skills in business, critical thinking, innovation and communication.

WIL Workshop

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Preparing for your WIL paper

Unlike other papers, there are several steps you must complete before the start date of your WIL paper. Your enrolment is contingent on completing the preparatory steps outlined on this page.

396 internship

The 396 internship paper provides students with an opportunity to gain supervised practical experience within an organisation. This paper enables students to identify their strengths and weaknesses through a variety of reflective evaluations of their work.

399 research project

The 399 is a research project undertaken by a student with academic supervision. This project aims to solve a 'problem' and should be related to a company or industry that this might impact.

It provides students with the opportunity to complete a significant body of work with academic merit. Before undertaking a 399, students must discuss a topic that interests them with their supervisor or subject convenor and complete the following steps.

Once you have completed the 396 or 399 steps outlined above, be sure to keep checking your Moodle page as soon as it's available to ensure that you are fully prepared to start your WIL paper.

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