Sustainability Report

University of Waikato's Sustainability Reports, Whaioranga Taiao, Whaioranga Tangata – our work towards a better world.

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Sustainability Report 2023

Whaioranga Taiao, Whaioranga Tangata is a record and a celebration of our interconnected work at the University of Waikato to build inclusive and equitable communities, and a thriving and healthy environment.

Our Sustainability Report, Whaioranga Taiao, Whaioranga Tangata, showcases the progress we made towards the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the 2023 calendar year.

The Whaioranga Taiao, Whaioranga Tangata name reflects our aspiration for both a healthy and connected environment and fair and inclusive communities, acknowledging that neither can exist without each other.

Previous Sustainability Reports

Sustainability Report 2021 Cover cropped

Download Sustainability Report 2022 (10.4MB) PDF.

Sustainability Report 2022 Cover cropped

Download Sustainability Report 2021 (6.5MB) PDF.