Can you see an opportunity in your organisation which could be resourced by students? Or do you need fresh perspectives and new ideas? Whether it's an internship, volunteering opportunity or project, the University of Waikato can help you connect with our students to meet that need. Register your interest and someone will be in touch about what we can do to help you.

What can WIL do for your organisation

  • Help with ongoing or initiating postponed projects.
  • Low risk investment with potentially high returns.
  • Fresh perspectives and different point of views.
  • Tap into tomorrow’s talent today and while helping students to develop essential professional skills.
  • Shortcut future recruitment.
  • Increase diversity in your workplace
  • Potential to develop collaborative relationships with academic staff to influence innovations in your field.
  • Develop a working relationship with the University of Waikato and obtain access to the Universities expertise, research and specialised resources.

We have compiled a list of questions that organisations often want to know about WIL - view the FAQs.

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