Blueprints to big screens: Laine Baldwin's pursuit of passion

Laine Baldwin follows film dream after bold career switch.

05 Apr 2024

Laine Baldwin graduates with his Bachelor of Arts in Screen and Media Studies this month.

Laine Baldwin made the brave decision to choose a different path, one that aligned more with his lifelong passion for film and television.

He was two years into an architecture degree in Auckland, when he made the switch to the University of Waikato.

“I’ve always had that little voice telling me to follow my love for film and media, so for the first time, I decided to listen to that voice,” Laine says.

“I went into architecture straight out of high school because it seemed like the most sensible decision.”

Laine transferred to Waikato and enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts in Screen and Media Studies, where he tutored students and worked with the faculty on different research projects.

“My degree cultivated existing interests and developed new ones; I would always do my best to incorporate them into my academic work.

“I’ve found being ambitious proved to be worthwhile, to learn more and be rewarded for it.”

Laine is continuing his studies at Waikato, working towards a Master in Media Creative Technologies, while working as a camera operator at TAB.

“Waikato is a beautiful campus and is very inviting – you come here, and you feel like you want to stay forever. It has a sense of belonging with great mental health support, and the relationship with your lecturers is very personal.”

He says a standout paper was Creative Media Project (MEDIA320), where he delved into the world of commuters and public transport.

“I did a three-day shoot in Auckland where I hopped on trains, buses and ferries and turned it into a short film, digital photography, cinemagraphs and in-print expeditions.”

While his sights are set on finishing his master’s, Laine’s ultimate career is to work in film and television.

His advice to future students is to “embrace flexibility, pursue your passions, and seize every opportunity that comes your way.”