HIKO hub launches: New co-working precinct opens at the University of Waikato

An innovative co-working precinct for businesses has opened at the Hamilton campus.

17 May 2024

The University of Waikato has officially opened HIKO hub, its innovative co-working precinct for businesses at its Hamilton campus. 

The HIKO hub was named after the te reo Māori word for lightning or 'to ignite’.

Jim Mercer, Chief Operating Officer at the University of Waikato, says that the vision behind HIKO hub is to strengthen ties between the business community and the University.  

“Providing businesses with a modern, flexible space to work and access to campus amenities just makes sense. The opening of HIKO hub today is an exciting step towards encouraging collaboration between industry and our researchers.  

HIKO also creates a purposeful space for industry to engage with students and researchers, offering work experiences and learning opportunities. This is a point of difference from other tenancies and co-working spaces in Hamilton. 

Mercer added that during this challenging time for universities, finding new ways to innovate and create additional revenue streams like the HIKO hub was essential.  

L-R Matt Bolger, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Waikato Management School and Jim Mercer, Chief Operating Officer at the University of Waikato.

Tenants benefiting from the new space are Resolution 8, 127 Limited, Exaba Limited, Community & Enterprise Leadership Foundation, RCP and The Collective Agency. 

Named after the te reo Māori word for lightning or 'to ignite,' HIKO hub encapsulates the spirit and aspirations of the new precinct and those within it.

Matt Bolger, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Waikato Management School, emphasised how HIKO hub will help students with exposure to businesses and give businesses access to fresh talent equipped with the latest knowledge in their field. 

“HIKO hub opens another way for our students to engage directly with businesses, enhancing their education with real-world experience and preparing them for future success. It's an exciting time for both our students and the business community to collaborate and innovate together.” 

The hub also allows individuals or small groups working from home a vibrant space to work alongside other people.  

A co-working precinct for business, the HIKO Hub, has opened at the University of Waikato.

The first companies have already started moving in, spanning IT, construction advisory and marketing industries. One of the first to move into the new hub was David Duffy, Founder of 127 Limited, a digital consultancy company, who said their team was excited to see what collaborations come out of being at HIKO. 

HIKO hub offers us a flexible working environment within the University of Waikato campus and a unique opportunity to connect directly with the future workforce. Engaging with students through workplace projects and internships is a win-win. We are excited to be a part of this innovative community, driving growth and learning opportunities for everyone. 

Don Good, CEO of the Waikato Chamber of Commerce, said the launch of HIKO hub is a significant development for the local business community.  

“It is not just a space; it serves as a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and growth. This initiative demonstrates a forward-thinking approach, creating an ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.” 

The hub also features a newly painted mural, as part of the University’s five-year partnership with Boon to transform the campus into a bolder and brighter space. 

Designed by Mount Maunganui artist, Paul Darragh and produced by the team from Lighthouse Creative Productions, over a week, Paul created a bold and abstract painting that creates optical vibration. 

Tenants have already moved in, but on Thursday the HIKO hub was officially opened.

The graphic compositions serve as a unique work of art, conveying the energy and innovation that will be nurtured within the HIKO hub. It seamlessly blends graphic elements into the building’s structure inspired by dazzle camouflage, also known as ‘razzle dazzle’ that was used to disguise the merchant navy in the early 20th century. 

HIKO hub is located a stones throw from The Pā with access to retail, events and conference spaces on the wider campus and close to the University’s Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts, the Ruakura Inland Port and easy access to State Highway 1.  

HIKO hub becomes an ideal place for businesses to position themselves. Featuring flexible leasing terms, HIKO includes a variety of office spaces, such as open-plan areas, private offices, event space, bookable meeting rooms and semi-private options. The space presents an opportunity for businesses seeking growth and collaboration within an academic environment.  

For more information on membership options or to enquire about moving into the HIKO hub, visit www.hikohub.co.nz or www.waikato.ac.nz/industry/hiko-hub/



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