Musical leader's exceptional contribution recognised

The University of Waikato has awarded the prestigious title of Emeritus Professor to Martin Lodge for his outstanding contribution to NZ music and the development of Music at the University.

26 Sep 2023

Vice-Chancellor Professor Neil Quigley and Emeritus Professor Martin Lodge.

At a ceremony on Monday Professor Lodge was acknowledged for his role in growing and developing the music programme at the University to a fully fledged Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, Doctor of Musical Arts and PhD subject

“Professor Lodge was the first person to be made a Professor of the music programme at the University and his guiding hand has helped build music at the University to what it is today,” says University of Waikato Vice-Chancellor, Professor Neil Quigley.

Professor Lodge also played an entrepreneurial role in fundraising for what is now the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts and is well known for writing the processional music for the University’s graduation events.

In initiating and leading New Zealand Music Studies at the University, Professor Lodge worked collaboratively with Dr Hirini Melbourne and Dr William Dart to create a stream where equal weight was given to Māori music, popular music and Western classical music.

He also helped build the performance stream with permanent performance staff and led the growth of the composition stream of study at the University.

Professor Lodge also conceived, commissioned and fundraised for the University’s collection of traditional instruments Te Kohinga Taonga Pūoro, for teaching and research, and his groundbreaking articles on the field of New Zealand music historiography are frequently cited as the foundation of this emerging discipline.

“There are many highlights to Professor Lodge’s long and distinguished career through both his contributions to the University and to the field of music,” says Professor Quigley.

“It gives me great pleasure to award him the title of Emeritus Professor of the University of Waikato.”

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