University conducting lockdown drill

The University of Waikato is conducting an emergency lockdown drill today.

30 Mar 2021

The drill will take place at 11am and last for a maximum of 10 minutes.

On the University’s Hamilton campus in Hillcrest, an emergency siren will sound for three minutes.

On the Tauranga campus in the CBD, a PA announcement will be made alerting those on campus to the lockdown. The University’s Coastal Marine Centre in Tauranga will also be locked down.

Members of the public should not be alarmed if they hear the siren in Hamilton or become aware of the lockdown in Tauranga.

Staff and students have been encouraged to simulate the actions recommended in a real-life lockdown scenario - taking shelter in locked rooms or staying away if they are offsite.

The lockdown drill is being held to test the University’s emergency management and response systems and will include emails, text messages and WaikatoUni app alert notifications sent to staff, students and other campus users.

Those in the communities surrounding the University’s campuses can also receive alerts by downloading the WaikatoUni app, using a ‘guest’ profile and enabling notifications.



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