Waikato Cardiothoracic Unit stands as one of the most active in Australasia, committed to providing top-tier care and advancing the field through rigorous research and training. Our mission is to establish the leading research and training center for cardio-thoracic surgery in Australasia, in partnership with the University of Waikato. This effort is built on strong and broad collaboration between our surgeon clinician scientists and basic science collaborators.

Our unit is deeply engaged in a variety of research initiatives. Academic lead - Dr. Nishith Patel, a Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, has recently been awarded the prestigious 2023 Foundation 100 Fellowship by the Heart Foundation of New Zealand to pursue research into aortic dissection. His groundbreaking work has been recognised in the national media through the Waikato Herald, Heart Foundation, and NZHerald.

Professor David McCormack bridges the clinical department and the University of Waikato, ensuring seamless integration between clinical practice, education, and academic research. Our research efforts are coordinated by our skilled and dedicated research nurse, Kelly Henderson. Together, we strive to lead and innovate in the field of cardio-thoracic surgery.

Academic publications

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