He Rangahau Toi Tangata

Science Learning Hub - Pokapū Akoranga Pūtaiao

Researchers: Cathy Buntting, Andrea Soanes, Angela Schipper, Greta Dromgool & Simone Marsters
Date: Since 2004
A vast online resource supporting science education by making New Zealand science and technology more accessible and visible to teachers, students, and wider communities. Funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

On2Science: Multiple affordances for learning through online citizen science

Researchers: Cathy Buntting & a wider project team
Date: 2020-2023
A multi-disciplinary research project that brings together a team of education and information science researchers, teacher professional learning providers, and teacher practitioners. The team is primarily focused on investigating the impacts of embedding online citizen science (OCS) projects into classroom teaching and learning programmes on students’ learning in science and digital technologies. Funded by the Ministry of Education’s Teaching and Learning Research Initiative.

Science and Technology Review for Tahūrangi, the Ministry of Education’s new online curriculum hub

Researchers: Cathy Buntting, Anne Barker, Jan-Marie, Kellow, Merimeri Anania, Angeline McDonald, Chris Eames, Kate Rhodes & Andrew Doyle
Date: 2022
Reviewing and updating educational resources on Te Kete Ipurangi, the Ministry of Education’s online portal, prior to their transfer to Tahūrangi.

Tertiary Integrative Curriculum Co-design

Researchers: Chris Eames, Cathy Buntting, Maurice Cheng, Nigel Calder, Wendy Fox, Claire Coleman, Bronya Dean, Judy Bailey,Marcus Wilson
Date: 2021

The primary goal of the project was to explore models of interdisciplinary educational co-design to contribute to wider understanding of how this can be effectively navigated by educators at the tertiary level, using the context of STEM as an example.

Nurturing secondary students’ hope and agency: Educating to live in a climate-impacted world

Researchers: Chris Eames, with Sally Birdsall and Niki Harre of University of Auckland and two wonderful secondary teachers
Date: 2020-2021

The climate crisis is upon us. More than knowledge is needed to develop citizens who can take informed actions to mitigate its effects. Hope and agency have been identified as significant constructs that can overcome pessimism and helplessness, motivating youth to take action. Using a critical realist lens and taking a design-based implementation research process approach, we co-designed a climate change education programme to nurture students’ hope and agency, creating opportunities for them to take action individually and collectively. This project was funded by the Ministry of Education’s Teaching and Learning Research Initiative.