Meet our team. WaiCAMM is built on a team of researchers with a broad range of expertise from across Engineering and Science.

Our areas of expertise include: development of novel materials including polymers, biocomposites, composites, metals; characterisation of materials across length scales from the micro to macro-scale both experimentally and numerically; nondestructive evaluation, inspection and analysis of materials and components.

Key researchers

Associate Professor Leandro Bolzoni

Programme Leader - MaPE

Associate Professor Fei Yang

Programme Director - HEBUST

Dr Ajit Pal Singh

Senior Lecturer

Dr Rachael Tighe

Senior Lecturer

Dr Christopher Glasson

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Christian Gauss

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD researchers

  • Tom Sunny - Processing of high performance plant fibre reinforced composites
  • Maria Aparecida De Souza Oliveira - Natural fibre-reinforced polyethylene composites produced by rotational Moulding
  • Lakshmi Priya - Next generation additive manufacturing of biomaterials- National Science Challenge SFTI
  • Humair Siddiqui - Synthesis of hydroxyapatite - reduced graphite oxide nanocomposites for biomedical applications
  • Moh'D Yousef Beqain - Synthesis and Characterization of Hydroxyapatite/Chitosan Composite for Biomedical Applications
  • Xutao Sun - Natural frequency-based crack detection: the use of the roving spring-mass system
  • Shanquan Jia - Copper/diamond composites
  • Ashok Kumar - Powder metallurgy high entropy alloys for electrocatalytic applications
  • Ben Jackson - Direct metal fabrication of titanium composites and alloys by direct selective laser melting
  • Yousef Alshammari - Development of an electro-active titanium based hybrid material via powder metallurgy

Masters researchers

  • Ding Yi Huang - Thermographic inspection to provide quality assurance for reinforced 3D printer filaments
  • Jingnan Ma - Copper/diamond composites
  • Yutao Zhai - Turning waste into useful - recycling titanium swarf
  • Nick Vishwanath - Sustainable roading

Honours year researchers

  • Scott Hill - Artificial surf reefs in New Zealand
  • Sam McCulloch - Cars vs. Clams
  • Sam Hewlett and Sam Knox - Small scale PLA recycler and 3D printing filament fuser
  • Ann Jayawardana - Low-cost powder metallurgy Ti-based alloys
  • Bismarck Simeon - Design, processing and characterisation of new alloys