Full Publication or Individual Classification Report Purchase

The NZ Business Benchmarking Survey is no longer being conducted, however, the historic reports can still be purchased. The 2017 survey results, published in June 2018, were the last reports published by the survey. If you would like to purchase reports prior to 2017, please contact us.

The Order Pack for the 2017 results, linked below, contains examples of the two report formats and a list of the industry classifications that have been reported in the publication that are available for purchase. Click on the link to open as a PDF and you can print or save the document.

2017 Order Form, Report Examples and List of Industries Reported

NZBBS Order Pack

  • Individual industry classifications cost $160 + GST for each report.
  • The full publication costs $1,800, now $960 + GST (over 425 industries reported).
  • Participating accountants can access the results and exclusive client comparison reporting for less.

Searching for the Appropriate Classification to Purchase

If you do not know the ANZSIC classification code for the entity you are wanting a report for you can narrow down your search by using one of the classification finders below. After identifying the correct ANZSIC classification code, refer to pages 6-19 in the Order Pack (above) to see if that code is available for purchase or if one of our 'Custom' reports is available. Custom reports (Level 5) are industry specific classifications we have added to the ANZSIC list. A number of higher level summary reports (ANZSIC Level 1 - 3) are also available where some of the most detailed classification reports (Level 4 or 5) did not achieve the sample size necessary for a report to be generated.

Business Classification codes - PDF of the full list of classification codes utilised in the survey, including our Custom Classes. Note, not all classifications have sufficient sample size to be published in a given year.

Classification Code Finder - Search the extensive ANZSIC classification definitions online to find the most appropriate code for your business using Statistics New Zealand's Classification Code Finder.  The search results also link to the detailed classification definitions including the primary business activities that are included in a particular code.

Business Industry Description and Code - Alternatively, you may search using this website. Note that only the letter and left four numbers in the code are used in ANZSIC and the right two numbers are ignored.

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Videos Explaining the Report

The following videos can help in understanding and interpreting the reports.

  • Ratios Explained (4 minutes) - explains the use of Ratios in the report, and the source of the Best 3 participants.
  • Percentiles Explained (8 minutes) - explains the usefulness of Percentiles (including the Median) in the report and includes insights on interpreting the Median result versus the Average result.

Past Years Benchmarking Reports Available for Purchase

We currently have the last 19 years (back to the 1998 report) of NZ Business Benchmarking Reports available for purchase. These financial statistics can be purchased as full publications or by individual industry classification. If you would like further information please contact the NZ Business Benchmarking Unit (contact details below).

If you have any queries please feel free to contact the NZ Business Benchmarking Unit at nzibr@waikato.ac.nz.