1 Nov 2023

Security and Crime Wānanga led by Dr Apriel Jolliffe Simpson in November with the Security, Crime and Intelligence Innovation Institute at Cardiff University featured in The University of Waikato's latest Sustainability report.

4 Oct 2023

Dr Reuben Steff wrote about strategic competition in the South Pacific and its implications for New Zealand.
While China’s activities are concerning, it should be made clear to Beijing that NZ’s and others’ responses in the security sphere are dependent on China’s approach to the region. Read more.

3 Oct 2023

Dr Armon Tamatea consulted for part one of a three part analysis on political parties' law and order policies.
Relentless reports complete with daily footage of stolen cars being driven through shop fronts and brazen smash and grabs on vape stores, jewellers and dairies, youth crime became an issue politicians could not ignore. So what did policy makers come up with and what do the experts say. 

11 Sep 2023

Dr Armon Tamatea explains how the high-stress experience of being on remand can unsettle people in prison.
The increasing use of handcuffs on prisoners is being blamed on the remand population, which Corrections says is more violent than sentenced prisoners. Inmates are more likely to be handcuffed now than five years ago when the prison population was higher, according to figures from Corrections. 

13 Aug 2023

Dr Vimal Kumar discussed common cybersecurity threats affecting the day-to-day lives of New Zealanders.
Non-existent product scams, sextortion and phishing. These are among the top categories of digital harm reported to Netsafe as the online safety charity records its “busiest ever” quarter. 

27 Jul 2023

Dr Reuben Steff discusses ties between New Zealand and China.

13 Jul 2023

Dr Paul Brown is using his Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Science Whitinga Fellowship to investigate decolonising data and collaborate in positive policing for our communities.

27 Jul 2023

Dr Reuben Steff proposes 3 solutions to New Zealands's slow-motion 'polycrisis'.

29 May 2023

Dr Sophie Curtis-Ham awarded The University of Waikato 2022 Koko Kairangi Award for Best Doctoral Thesis for her research on geographic profiling for investigative police work.

18 May 2023

Dr Reuben Steff explains why New Zealand needs to bolster its deterrence and defence capabilities.

1 May 2023

Dr Reuben Steff explains why Australia should care about New Zealand's engagement with AUKUS Pillar II.

19 Apr 2023

Dr Armon Tamatea discusses the causes of prison violence and outlines the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment-funded project he is leading, which aims to improve the safety and wellbeing of people who reside and work in prison settings.

18 April 2023

Dr Te Taka Keegan explains concerns about Māori data sovereignty and New Zealand signing up to the Budapest Convention.