WERO: Working to End Racial Oppression is a research programme that takes up the challenge of confronting institutional and interpersonal racism in Aotearoa.

Te Ngira Researchers

Dr Jessica Terruhn, Dr Ritu Roy, Associate Professor Polly Atatoa Carr


Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Endeavour Fund


2020 - 2025

About the research

What is WERO?

Racism represents one of the most significant challenges facing Aotearoa. The effects of racism are extensive, manifesting in everyday forms of discrimination for Māori, Pacific peoples and minoritised ethnic communities. Entrenched in systems and structures that create disadvantage for minorities, and advantage for privileged ethnic majorities, racism is evident in inequitable outcomes across almost every indicator of wellbeing, including those within health, education, housing, employment and justice.

Research Themes

WERO research is organised around four themes that address key societal domains where racism is apparent and meaningful responses can be developed:



Racism and Inequality in Employment






Geographies of Racism and Exclusion






Institutional Responses to Racism






Whanaungatanga: Intergroup Relations




Across these themes, more than 30 researchers are undertaking a range of research projects, alongside partners in community, government and the private sector, combining expertise from Māori studies, Pacific studies, anthropology, economics, human geography, psychology and sociology.

WERO: Working to End Racial Oppression