Ko wai mātou | Who we are

Te Kotahi Research Institute delivers research and innovations that contribute to the aspirations of Iwi, Māori, and Indigenous communities.

Te Kotahi focuses on developing interdisciplinary solutions to complex challenges, supporting the integration of mātauranga Māori, and enabling Indigenous control of Indigenous data.


Enable Māori and Indigenous aspirations through transformative research and practice.


  1. He rangahau whai kiko: Research that makes a difference for Iwi, Māori, & Indigenous communities
  2. Kia ngātahi te mahi: Develop collaborations with Iwi
  3. Kotuia te mātauranga: Transform practices through capacity building and knowledge exchange

Koi te mata punenga, maiangi te mata pūihoiho

Collaborating with us

Te Kotahi Research Institute (TKRI) has been established to enhance engagement in research and development by improving access to research and providing pathways for innovation. 

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If you are interested in participating in research, contact Natalie Kusabs (nkusabs@waikato.ac.nz) or project leaders.