Open Research Position Statement


The Open Research position statement is the foundational building block to develop the University’s articulation of its approach to open. In turn, this will support the normalisation of a research culture it wants to foster and develop. Research culture encompasses the behaviours, values, expectations, attitudes, and norms of our research communities. It influences researchers’ career paths and determines the way that research is conducted and communicated.

Purpose of the statement

Te Pōkai Tara l Universities New Zealand released an Open Access Statement in 2023 on behalf of New Zealand's eight universities. It acknowledges the rights of Māori and other Indigenous groups to determine the appropriate avenues for their data and sets out the determination of member universities to continue to pursue open access. Open Access is one facet of Open Research and we believe that taking a more holistic approach and broader perspective will place Waikato in a strong position to determine the research culture we want to foster at the University. 

While Open Research Position Statements are common overseas, no university in Aotearoa New Zealand has stated their position in this area. This document, informed by the University’s Te Tiriti Statement, Te Kāhui Raraunga’s Māori Data Governance Model and Te Mana Raraunga’s charter, aims to allow the University to leverage Open Research practices for greater impact whilst honouring the unique context in which the University of Waikato operates. 

Open Research Position Statement Te Whare Wānanga o Waikato l University of Waikato

Open Research describes a range of processes and practices that aim to improve the reach, reproducibility, and rigour of research. These processes and practices differ according to discipline and can fall under the broad areas of Open Access, Open Educational Resources, Research Data Management and Open Data, among others. The University supports and promotes Open Research to enhance collaboration, resulting in a more vibrant, diverse and inclusive research culture that can expand beyond the academy and ultimately translate into societal impact. 

As an institution committed to the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, the University recognises that Māori have rangatiratanga, or right of governance and control over knowledge produced by, for and about them and their environments. In the context of Open Research, this is demonstrated in the University’s commitment to upholding the tenets of Māori data sovereignty (in alignment with the CARE & FAIR principles and Te Mana Raraunga’s charter). 

This statement does not assume that everything can or should be made open—cultural, ethical, and security considerations as well as commercial restrictions will in many cases preclude the application of some Open Research practices. Open Research aims to make things as open as possible and closed as necessary and researchers are encouraged to embrace this responsibility and make decisions accordingly across the research lifecycle. 


The Open Research Position Statement was endorsed by the Research Committee in August 2023.