Information for participants

Guidelines for participants of the Human Research Ethics Committee.

Guidelines for content and format

University of Waikato letterhead should be used for project documentation intended for participants, including for student projects.

Recruitment flyer/poster/email/online post

Initial recruitment information can take the form of a paper flyer, wall poster or digital poster, email, or online post. The following information needs to be provided on your Recruitment flyer/poster/email/online post

  • Project title
  • Name of researcher, contact details, institutional affiliation
  • Level of study (if student project)
  • Supervisors, contact details (if student project)
  • Summary of the area of research
  • An invitation to participants that indicates the nature of research activities
  • Statement of any risks or exclusions that apply (as relevant)
  • Name of approving committee and contact email

Project Links – It is generally safe to provide links to project pages through email; however, to protect the privacy of your potential participants, please do not embed a link to your project in an online social media post. Instead, provide instructions for your potential participants to navigate to your project e.g. ask them to copy and paste a URL or project name into a new window (if an anonymous survey), or to contact you directly (if a face-to-face activity).

Images – If you include images on your recruitment flyer/poster, please investigate copyright and acknowledge the ownership of the images used as needed.