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AMS determinations 1- 4 samples (price per sample)

AMS determinations 5+ samples in a single batch (price per sample)



Express rate (per sample. Turnaround = 4 weeks; 6 weeks for bone. Please contact the lab for availability).  +NZD400
MPI import charge (per batch of <5 samples)** +NZD35
Low carbon charge (per sample - for soils, lake muds, etc) +NZD200
Bone gelatinisation (per sample. Recommended for all bone samples. Includes 15N, 13C, and C:N analyses) +NZD190
Cremated bone (per sample). Includes 13C +NZD100
Water or methane samples (per sample) +NZD100
Cellulose extraction (per sample. Recommended for old wood samples)  +NZD100
Solvent extraction (for samples that may be contaminated with oil, glue, conservatives, etc) +NZD100
Environmental Isotopes (carbonate only) 13C/12C, 18O/16O (per sample)^ NZD35

^ Measured by CRDS (precision 0.3 per mil). For more information see:  Beinlich, et al. (2017);  doi:10.2113/econgeo.112.3.693.

Please note:

*New Zealand customers please add 15% GST

++Base charges include standard pretreatment procedures and shell recrystallisation test.

**Batches of samples that produce less than 5 completed radiocarbon results from overseas will incur an additional NZD35 charge. This is an inspection fee levied by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) on all samples coming into New Zealand. If all samples in a batch are unsuitable for dating, we reserve the right to charge an inspection fee of NZD50 plus the MPI fee of NZD35.

All samples that have undergone pretreatment and subsequently found to be unsuitable for dating, or abandoned for another reason, may incur a part charge. Typically, this is NZD100 for pretreatment and NZD200 for pretreatment and combustion, but charges may vary depending on the sample type. Please read our pages on sample weight requirements, and if you are unsure about the suitability of your sample please contact us.


  • Invoice details must be provided at the time of submission.
  • Invoicing is in NZD. If payment in another currency is requested, a service charge of NZD30 will be added.
  • International third-party bank fees, exchange rate costs, local taxes and withholding taxes must be covered by the submitter/client.
  • Current monetary exchange values can be estimated with the Universal Currency Converter.