1. Select the title of the page you wish to add the image to.
  2. Select the pencil icon at the top-right of the page to enter edit mode.
  3. To add a block you will need to select the "+" icon on the right-hand side of the page.
  4. After clicking on the plus, there will be a pop-up window with which you can select the position where you want your new block to be placed. NOTE: You can also drag the button to the position where you want to place your new content block.
  5. Choose "Image".
  6. Give your new image block a title.
  7. Expand the Image drop-down menu, then tick you are using your own file, finally select Choose Files. After uploading the image, select the "Save" button and a new block with image will appear on your page.
  8. Finally select Save.