Anonymous discussions are very similar to Forums, however Forum posts can't be anonymous. This Activity enables students and lecturers to ask and reply to questions anonymously or add a topic of conversation to which participants can reply anonymously.

Create an Anonymous discussion

  1. At the top right hand corner of your Moodle paper, select Edit mode to toggle it on.
  2. Select Add an activity or resource at the bottom of the section/topic/week where you wish to put the Anonymous discussion.
  3. Select Anonymous discussion from the pop-up menu.
  4. Enter the Discussion name and optionally a  Description, then select the Discussion type in the drop-down menu.Note
    Standard discussion for general use is an open discussion where anyone can start a new thread, anytime.
    In a Question and answer discussion students must first post before they are able to view other posts.
  5. Scroll down and select Subscription to expand the section, then select the Subscription mode from the drop-down menu. This controls if and when participants will receive post notifications.
  6. Finally, select Save and return to paper or Save and display.

The new Anonymous discussion Activity should look similar to the image below:

Add a topic to an Anonymous discussion

  1. Select the discussion you created from the main Moodle paper.
  2. Select Add a new topic.
  3. Enter a Subject and Message using the text boxes provided.
  4. Scroll down and select Create post.

The anonymous post should look similar to the image below:

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