Create a Paper Outline

For staff on where Paper Outline contents come from and how to edit each section.

Paper Outlines are populated in 3 ways: 

  1. Content from your Moodle gradebook. 

  1. Centrally held content from MyWaikato. 

  1. Content that you edit with the Paper Outlines wizards in Moodle. 

To preview your Paper Outline and see the fields below, go to your Moodle paper, toggle Edit mode on, and select Wizard 8: Preview Paper Outline and submit. See also Access Paper Outlines.

Sections of a Paper Outline

The fields of a Paper Outline, from top to bottom, are:

Paper details 

(from Paper Title to Self-Paced)


  • Content held in: Staff/Paper Association Tool in MyWaikato

  • To change: contact a departmental administrator or log a Kuhukuhu job 

What this paper is about 

How this paper will be taught 


What you will study 

Required Readings 

  • Enter and edit content via Moodle using Wizard 5: Add Paper Information 

  • You can insert a Waikato Reading list link via Wizard 5, then make updates in the Reading list rather than updating Required Readings in the Paper Outline wizard, which requires resubmission for approval.

Learning Outcomes 

Internal assessment/examination weighting

Grade method 

Assessment table 

Assessment table example

  • After you have finished editing your Paper Outline, you need to submit it for approval. 
  • After your Paper Outline is approved, you will be able to make your Moodle paper visible to students.
  • You can make further changes to your Moodle gradebook and assessments without resubmitting for approval. Changes made via the Paper Outlines wizards require resubmission.

Previous Paper Outlines

  • You can find all published Paper Outlines on the Paper Outlines website. If you don't see all Paper Outline details, check that you are fully signed in.
  • You can't import a Paper Outline directly into a new occurrence, but you can copy and paste Paper Outline text from other occurrences. This also applies for each occurrence (e.g. HAM/TGA) in a metapaper.