Special Examination Arrangements for Students with Disabilities

Discover the special examination arrangements that may be provided for students with disabilities.

Special examination arrangements may be provided for students who are unable to sit formal University examinations under normal examination conditions as a result of a permanent physical or learning disability or a temporary physical disability. A special arrangement for this purpose is not considered as taking an easy way out. If you have a disability and are allowed a special arrangement, it will be designed to ensure that equitable examination conditions are provided.

The Assessment and Graduation Office works in conjunction with  Accessibility Services to provide special arrangements for Formal Examinations. Internal assessment matters can be organised through Accessibility Services.

For further information on the regulations for special arrangements, refer to the Assessment Regulations in the University of Waikato Calendar.

Who can apply for special arrangements?

You may apply for a special arrangement if you have clinical evidence of the following:

  1. a permanent physical (including neurological) disability which impairs your ability to undertake an examination;
  2. a specific learning disability;
  3. a temporary physical disability.

How to apply

To apply for a special arrangement contact one of the following:.

  • Accessibility Services
    Please make an appointment with Accessibility Support (+64 7 838 4711 or 4393)
  • Student Health Service
    (+64 7 838 4037)
  • Student Counselling Service
    (+64 7 838 4037)
  • Student Learning Support
    Please make an appointment with Andrea Haines, Senior Tutor (+64 7 838 4466 ext. 6078)

Application forms are also available from the Student Administration Counter in the Student Centre, Hamilton, or from the Hub on Level 1 of the Tauranga campus.

The Assessment and Graduation Office must receive applications for special arrangements with appropriate clinical evidence and a completed Needs Assessment form no later than six weeks before the examination period concerned.

Students who have applied for special arrangements before

If you have a permanent special examination arrangement, or have had a special arrangement in a previous examination period, the Assessment and Graduation Office will send you an application form for the forthcoming year. You will not need to provide repeat evidence for a permanent special arrangement. You must provide confirmation, however, of your need for an arrangement for each examination period by sending back the application form with details about the examination periods that you require special arrangements for.

If you have had a temporary special examination arrangement for a previous examination period you will be required to supply documentation to ensure that the special arrangement will be provided for the forthcoming examination period.

If you have been in contact with Accessibility Services and have requested a special arrangement for your formal University examinations, you will need to contact the Assessment Office as soon as practicable after the teaching of the paper has started (or no later than six weeks before the examination period concerned).

If you need help with completing the form, or you need further information on special examination arrangements, contact staff in the Assessment and Graduation Office on +64 7 838 4466 ext. 8018.

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