Tauranga Student Health

Our Tauranga students have access to a range of different services, both onsite and offsite to ensure that they are safe and healthy; physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

Tauranga Student Health

On-site Services

On-site, students have access to a student health nurse, chaplain, violence prevention coordinator and health promotion coordinator. Find out more about these services below.

Offsite Services

Around our city campus, there are medical facilities and counsellors that students can access. Find out more about these services below.


All students are encouraged to get a Community Services Card (CSC) to help reduce the costs of healthcare. The Community Services Card can:

  • Decrease costs for Doctors visits
  • Decrease prescription costs
  • Decrease ACC visit costs

Always carry your card to reap the benefits.

Note: You can also get reduced costs for doctors’ visits by following the process outlined above under Chadwick Healthcare and Epic Medical Centre.