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E mālama i ka wai.

Take care of the water — Kanaka 'Ōiwi or native Hawaiian proverb

The taro plant is a food staple for indigenous peoples across Moananuiākea. It is closely linked to cultural concepts of land, family, genealogy and well-being. 

Taro is best grown under certain conditions, including the right flow of water.  Thriving taro patches rely on the community coming together and often getting up to their knees or thighs in the water. 

The Lo'i Pacific Research and Innovation Hub is a place where diverse stakeholders can come together in a spirit of indigenous innovation to achieve meaningful impact and to deliver outcomes that matter to Pacific communities, organisations and various stakeholders.  

Like a Pacific wetland taro patch, the Hub is a place for growing a thriving ecosystem of Pacific research, researchers and research excellence.  It is a place where diverse voices in research can come together to innovate. 

Pacific research at Waikato

Ma ka hane ka ike

In the work is the knowledge — native Hawaiian 'ōlelo no'eau or proverb

Across Moananuiākea or the Pacific Ocean, anciently and in many places today, communities have lived ecosystems where resources are managed so that benefits are shared, communities use disruption and uncertainty to create dynamic responses and innovation, and the goal is abundance for all.  

For communities to thrive, water must flow right through the ecosystems from ma'uka to makai — or from ridge to the shore and reef. It must flow from the tall trees of the forests to the taro patches where everyone works together to the sea of possibilities beyond.  And knowledge is created together and shared. 

At the University of Waikato, we have a thriving research ecosystem that nurtures Pacific research, researchers and research excellence. 

Pacific research degrees

We are committed to growing Pacific researchers and graduate students at Waikato study with researchers who are experts and leaders in their fields.

Join a vibrant community of researchers studying what matters to Pacific people and communities at a research-intensive university by undertaking a research degree. 

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Kava ceremony photo by Todd M Henry

Kava based therapy for psychological trauma

Pacific health researcher Dr Apo Aporosa has been awarded a Health Research Council grant to co-lead a team evaluating the efficacy of traditionally influenced kava use spaces as a therapeutic environment for reducing PTSD symptoms.