English for Life Sciences and Health

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English for Biology

The Scientific Method

Improve your reading skills and vocabulary while learning about the steps in the scientific method.

Persistence, Bioaccumulation, and Biological Magnification of Environmental Contaminants

Learn about these key ecological concepts within the context the DDT controversy.

Critical Thinking

What is objectivity?  What is scepticism?  Develop your understanding of these terms and more.

Quizlets: Concepts of Biology BIOEB101

Biology concepts are listed by topics. Test your knowledge of vertebrates, sponges, cnidarians, seedless plants and more.

English for Health

Effect of Physical Inactivity on Major Non-Communicable Diseases

Read the summary of a research article to improve your reading skills and vocabulary development.

What is Stroke?

Read a pre-lecture handout to improve your reading skills and vocabulary development.

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