Follow the links below to engaging reading activities related to the field of Management.  If there is anything you don't understand or need help with, click the "Book a consultation now" button to make an appointment with a learning advisor.

The Meaning of Power

Read about how power exists in organizations, and check your comprehension skills.

The Sources of Power

Learn about the different sources of power, and check your comprehension and vocabulary.

Finance in Society

Read an overview of finance in society, and check your understanding how reference words add cohesion to the text.

The Economics of Facemasks

Read an article from The Economist to learn about the overall economic value of a facemask, and develop your reading skills.

Asia at the Forefront of Digital Growth

Read an article from Global Finance Magazine and check your understanding of academic grammar and business vocabulary.

Workforce Diversity

Read about the advantages of having a diverse workforce and check your grammar and vocabulary comprehension.

Theresa Gattung's 5 Secrets of Success

Read the tips from a successful NZ businesswoman and check your understanding about some useful definitions.

Building on a Culture of Belonging: PWC's Transparency Report

Read about a large company's experience of changing the culture to a more inclusive one, and check your comprehension about the theme, collocations and grammar.

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