The path to becoming an independent learner involves using your initiative to try new study techniques and access the resources you require to achieve your academic goals. Being able to work independently, taking responsibility for your own learning, and making informed choices are key elements of being an independent learner. Working independently requires motivation, and the confidence to try things out – and learn what works and what doesn’t work for you. A successful independent language learner - at any stage of their studies - recognises when they need help and what kind of help they might need, and sets themselves goals for ongoing development. Small group learning situations and one-to-one teaching sessions offer useful opportunities to get feedback, and monitor your own learning development.

There are a number of ways that we encourage independent language learning and development in CeTTL:

  • The links below direct you to a number of websites that can you help you with a range of language learning needs.
  • You can book in for 1:1 English language consultations with Student Learning tutors.
  • University of Waikato College students can join the online conversation groups and writing 1:1 sessions.
  • You can use the range of English language resources located in the library, which include grammar, IELTS preparation, graded readers, writing and listening resources.

University of Waikato students and staff can login to use the online English language resources:

  • Clarity Active Reading - contains video, passages for reading, short answer questions & vocabulary lists.
  • Clarity Practical Writing for life - includes essay writing; stages, job applications, emails, graphs & reports, plagiarism, taking notes, text speak and official letters.
  • Clarity Tense Buster - 33 grammar areas (simple present to phrasal verbs).
  • Clarity Study Skills Success - critical thinking, avoid plagiarism, research, reading, writing, listening (to lectures), speaking (seminars) & grammar.
  • Clarity Road to IELTS - ebooks for question type on reading, writing, speaking & listening, tutorials and interactive activities modelled on the real IELTS test papers.
  • Clarity Clear Pronunciation 2 -  43 sounds in English can be learnt in clearly understandable speech. Consonant clusters, word stress, sentence stress, connected speech and intonation are covered. Also, Australian, British, North American pronunciation models can be chosen with multiple accents.

For further help contact us.

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English language Moodle hub

University students doing undergraduate to post graduate studies can use online learning activities here in The English Language Hub, to further develop your English Language skills.

Useful websites to practise your English language skills

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A wide range of resources for English language learners include credit-bearing  papers (ENSLA), learning software, English skills (grammar, writing, speaking, listening,& pronunciation), English for papers, Conversation Circles & Language buddies.

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Refugee Learners

Guidelines for staff and the University to support refugee learners to access, participate and succeed in higher education.

Student Learning