Accept and except have very different meanings, but because the sound so similar in speech they cause problems for students.


verb meaning to agree to something, to agree to take something or (in other words) to receive something. It also means to acknowledge something as truth.

I humbly accept this bravery award (but anyone would have done the same in my position).

Many people do not accept Darwin's Theory of Evolution.


Except is a preposition, which means not includingapart from.

Its noun form is exception as in when someone makes an exception.

Everyone else was chosen for the team except me.

I bought a gift for everyone except Katherine.

Except also means other than and behaves a little like but or however when used as a conjunction.

I would go skydiving, except I'm terrified of heights.

Rare exception for except

There is a rare exception with except, which is sometimes (and rarely) uses as a verb that means to leave out or exclude.

No vehicles may use this lane, buses excepted.


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