The word past locates something in time, or in space. It is possible to use it as a noun, as a preposition, (or as an adjective or even as an adverb)
Past as a noun: before the present

In order to move forward, we cannot continue living in the past.

The past is not always very easy to forget!

Past as a prepositionbeyond in place, beyond in time

My house is just past that tree up ahead there.

I'll meet you at half past one.

Past as an adjectiverelating something with elapsed time

Don't hold grudges for past actions.

Past sins will be forgiven.

Past as an adverbso as to go by

I thought the bus was going to stop, but the driver just drove straight past me.

It was an awsome sight when the jet fighters flew past; it was a full minute before the sound wave hit us.


Passed is a verb

The verb is to pass. You use it when you are talking about something successful that has happened or if someone has travelled through something, or proceeded to the next level of something... etc etc. It is the past simple form of the verb pass. It can mean to be successful.

Phew, this year has passed so quickly!

All the Waikato students passed their writing papers this year!

She passed with flying colours.

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