Thank you to all the people who have contributed towards the creation of these pronunciation exercises; especially to Caroline, Hazel, Liz & Mike who have been generous with their time and effort.

Content-creation, recording & evaluation:

  • Caroline White (Teacher, Pathways College)
  • Hazel Whitley (Teacher, Pathways College)
  • Liz Howell (Teacher Developer, Pathways College)
  • Kathryn Henderson (Teacher, Pathways College)
  • Joseph Ramanair (Teacher, Pathways College)
  • Maria Persson (Teacher, Pathways College)
  • Wendy Buchanan (Senior Teacher, Pathways College)
  • Biz Jens (Senior Teacher,Pathways College)
  • Carol Tebbutt (General English Coordinator, Pathways College)
  • Sue Beard-McGlone (Teacher, Pathways College)
  • Jim Fulton (Tutor, Student Learning)
  • Trish Strang (Senior Tutor, Student Learning)

Panopto support:

  • Stephen Harlow (eLearning Designer, WCEL Team)
  • Tracey Morgan (ICT Capability Developer, WCEL Team)

IT and web support:

  • Mike Bell (Manager, Professional & Organisational Development)
  • Joos Potter (Internet Systems Administrator, Waikato Web Team)
  • Victorio Burcio-Martin (Audio Visual Technician, ITS)


  • Victorio Burcio-Martin (Audio Visual Technician, ITS)
  • Robyn Aimer (Resource Centre Assistant, Pathways College)


  • Figures used from the Headway Pronunciation series, with permission from the publisher (Oxford University Press)

Thank you again to everyone who has contributed.

Menaka Ediriweera
Resource Centre Coordinator
Pathways College

Student Learning