There is a pronunciation exercise using video and text available for pronouncing the different vowel sounds.

  1. These pronunciation exercises are accessible by clicking on the links below the heading ‘Exercises’.
  2. You can also record and listen to your voice after viewing each lesson, by using the Vocaroo recorder. You need a microphone attached to your computer in order to record your voice. You can also download, or email an mp3 file of your voice recording.
  3. The icons underneath the ‘Download file as…’ will download mp3 and mp4 files onto your computer, iPod, mobile phone or iPad.
  4. Download the Word lists for Vowels & Diphthongs.


Exercises Listen/Watch Download File
i slip i: sleep MP3 or MP4 MP3 or MP4
u foot u food MP3 or MP4 MP3 or MP4
ir girl or Gore MP3 or MP4 MP3 or MP4
e men e mother MP3 or MP4 MP3 or MP4
a hat u cup MP3 or MP4 MP3 or MP4
a far o on MP3 or MP4 MP3 or MP4