Welcome! If you are studying our papers online from China, we have put together some resources to help you get started with your studies at the University of Waikato

If you have questions about your enrolment, please contact info@waikato.ac.nz


为了防止新型冠状病毒的传播,新西兰政府于今年二月二日宣布暂时禁止由中国大陆或经由中国大陆的外国旅客入境。部分同学受到禁令影响无法按照计划抵达怀卡托大学展开学业。CeTTL (Te Puna Ako-Centre for Tertiary Teaching and Learning) 整理了一些资料用以帮助受入境禁令影响的同学解决在线学习将会遇到的困难。

如果你有任何关于学业方面的问题,请以电子邮件的方式联系:info@waikato.ac.nz 。

Learning online (在线学习)

Your papers will be available in Moodle, the University's online learning environment.

We also have Mandarin resources to help you when getting started with Moodle. More guides are available in English.

If you need help with Moodle, please contact the Service Desk on +64 7 838 4008, or log a request through the online self-service portal, Kuhukuhu.

You might like to experience Moodle by enrolling in our free short online course on Academic Integrity.

Studying online for the first time? Here are some tips to help you when getting started with online learning.

怀卡托大学以Moodle为构架建立了自己的在线学习环境,你所报名的课程都将会显示在你的个人Moodle页面当中。因旅行禁令而无法入境的同学需使用Moodle来进行在线学习,请访问 "Getting started with Moodle" 以熟悉如何使用Moodle。

如果你在使用Moodle的过程中遇到困难,请致电ITS Service Desk: +64 7 838 4008;或选择使用怀卡托大学自助服务系统-KuhuKuhu

Academic Integrity 是一门免费的课程,此课程可以帮助你快速掌握如何使用Moodle。你可以在线自主报名该课程来快速熟悉Moodle的各项功能。

如果你是第一次开始在线学习,请访问 “Getting started with online learning”以获得帮助。

Learning in English (提高英语能力)

Studying in English may be challenging for some of you. We have some resources to support you with your use of the English language.

在英语环境中学习,你需要时刻提高自己的英语能力。CeTTL准备了详细的资料来帮助你提高学术英语能力。请访问 ”English language“ 来获取这些资料。

How to write an essay:如何写好一篇论文

  1. Essay writing: 
    1. 如何写一个通顺的句子:Writing Clear Sentences
    2. 如何写一个段落:Writing effective paragraphs
    3. 如何写一个论点:Developing an argument
    4. 如何准确地使用指令词:Instruction words in your assignments
    5. Academic Assignment Types:
      1. 评论:Reflective Writing Definition & Example
      2. 综述:Literature Review & Example
      3. 计划:Research Proposal
      4. 辩证:Critique
      5. 辩论:Position paper & Example
      6. 报告:Report 。(The structure of writing a report.)。
      7. 实践:Case Studies
  2. Word use (措辞):
    1. 关联词及关联短语:Linking words and phrases
    2. 归因动词:Verbs of attributtion 
    3. 表述:presenting a point of view
    4. 曼彻斯特大学的学术短语目录:University of Manchester academic phrasebank
  3. Paraphrasing (转述): 
    1. Expressing voice in academic writing
  4. Editing and proofreading 
    1. 什么是校对:Editing and proofreading
    2. 文章校对单:Essays - editing and proofreading
    3. 报告校对单:Reports - editing and proofreading
    4. 略字号的使用准则:Using apostrophes
    5. 检查措辞是否准确:Visualwords - https://visuwords.com/


Studiosity is a free, online tutoring service that can help you with writing assignments, referencing, English spelling and grammar, numeracy, and studying skills. Access will be provided to you through Moodle.

Studiosity是一个免费的在线服务项目。 此项目意指帮助学生检查他们作文当中的英语单词拼写、英语语法、文献引用错误。 学生们亦可使用此项服务来提高自己的计数能力和学习技巧。 请访问 ”Moodle“ 以使用此服务。

Student Learning