Your Moodle Dashboard can be customized with a Calendar block for easy access. If you don't see it by default, simply follow our step-by-step guide to add and position the Calendar on your dashboard. Keep an eye on the dates highlighted in different colors, as they indicate important events.

Types of calendar event:
  • Global events - Shades of green. These events are created by the Moodle Administrators and occur across all papers. Global events can include the beginning and end of semesters and holidays.
  • Category events - Shades of purple. These events relate to all e.g. Management school papers. It is very rarely used.
  • Course events - Shaded pink. These events relate to this paper alone and could be something like an important assessment.
  • Group events -  Shaded yellow. These events can only be viewed by members of a group. They can be for such things as a meeting to discuss a group assignment.
  • User events - Shaded blue. These are the only type of events that a student can create and are only view-able by the student. They could be any kind of personal reminder or note.

Access your full calendar and customize its settings by clicking the 'Full Calendar' link at the bottom of the calendar block. Keep in mind that the appearance of the calendar block may vary based on its location within your dashboard. Note that only one calendar block can be added, so position it where it’s most convenient for you.NOTE: You can temporarily hide certain types of events by clicking the eye icon left of that event type in the Events Key area.