1. Once you are within a moodle textbox (for example we will use a long answer quiz environment) you can select the down right angle arrow shown in the red box to show advanced text editing options.
  2. Now select the calculator symbol to open the equation editor. If this doesn't appear you will need to ensure you are using the default editor.
  3. You will now see a large text book where you can type in LaTeX format and it will appear in the preview box shown by arrow (1). For help with LaTeX formatting you can select the TeX link (arrow 2). Alternatively, you can search for mathematics symbols by navigating through the tabs at the top.Note: Not all LaTeX notation will work with moodle in the current version, for a more comprehensive version for what is please see below.
  4. Finally select Save equation.
  5. Your equations will be surrounded by \( \) as shown in the red boxes. This marker shows when the environment is open. These will disappear when you submit your quiz and be replaced with the previewed formatting.