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Having an understanding of straight line geometry and algebra is useful for maths, science, or business, particularly when there are variables requiring comparison, and plotting onto a graph.

The links to these instructional YouTube clips come from The Organic Chemistry Tutor.

Plotting points [length: 12m:38s]
This video details the process of plotting coordinates.

Functions [length: 10m:53s]
This video details an introduction to functions, and coordinates.
Finding X and Y intercepts [length: 13m:07s]
This video details how to find the X,Y intercepts and sketch a straight line.
Finding the gradient [length: 11m:13s]
This video details how to find the gradient of a line using coordinates or parallel or perpendicular lines.
Writing Linear Equations [length: 12m:49s]
This video details how to write a linear equation given two coordinates, and the gradient.