Examinations and Tests

Many students dread the thought of upcoming tests and exams. No feeling comes close to how you would feel when you are aptly prepared for a test and eager to show off what you know.

The key to passing your exams is being well prepared and knowing your subject area thoroughly. Review your lecture notes and reading material regularly. Access our online resources for ideas to help you prepare and sit exams and tests.

Exams and test preparation resources

Exam and test preparation

What is the difference between tests and exams, and how you can be aptly prepared?

Tips for examination day

Before the exam, in the exam room, exam invigilators, exam procedures, and special considerations.

Strategies for answering exam and test questions

Once you're there, with your exam paper in front of you, how do you go about answering the questions to the best of your ability?

Exam study planner - an example

Plotting your exam timetable into a calendar and making the most of the time you have for preparing.

FAQs about exams and tests

Commonly asked questions about how to prepare for and perform in certain exam or test question types.