Timing of reports

  • Evaluation reports will be made available:
    • after the Boards of Examiners meeting(s), and confirmed results are available to students
  • Staff members will receive an email notifying them that the reports are available.

Interpreting reports

Each report includes:

  • Quantitative data calculated from the likert-scale questions.
  • Qualitative comments produced in response to open text questions.
  • ‘Null response reported’: if there is no data on the report, there were no students who responded to the evaluation.
  • Recent changes:
    • Questions - There are seven new core questions for both the paper and teaching evaluation. These questions replace the previous eight core questions for each evaluation
    • The response scale has been changed from a frequency scale to an agree/disagree scale
    • Reporting statistics - individual paper and teaching reports now include the frequency of responsesmedianmode, and a top-box percentage for each question. The top-box percentage shows the percentage of positive student responses to that question (agree or strongly agree). A higher percentage indicates a more positive student response to the question

Finding themes/areas of improvement

Paper Evaluation Questions

Theme Question
Expectations My experience of the paper matched the information provided in the paper outline.
Learning Outcomes The learning opportunities helped me to achieve the learning outcomes for this paper.
Assessment The assessment tasks supported my learning.
Content The paper content helped me to extend my knowledge.
Paper Design The paper design helped me to examine different theories, concepts, and practices.
Paper Organisation This paper was well organised.
Overall Experience Overall, this paper provided me with a good learning experience.
Qualitative Feedback - Positive What aspects of this paper helped you to learn?
Qualitative Feedback - Suggested Improvements What improvements could be made to this paper?


Teaching Evaluation Questions



This teacher communicated what was expected of me.

Clarity of Explanations This teacher explained paper content clearly.
Active student involvement in the learning process This teacher encouraged me to participate actively in my learning.
Teaching approaches

This teacher used multiple approaches to develop my learning.


This teacher gave useful feedback on students’ learning.

Showed an Interest in student learning This teacher demonstrated an interest in students’ learning.
Overall teaching experience

Overall, this teacher assisted my learning.

Qualitative Feedback - Positive In what ways did this teacher help you to learn?
Qualitative Feedback - Suggested Improvements What changes could this teacher make to improve your learning experience?


Closing the feedback loop

It is important to communicate evaluation results to students and changes to the paper or teaching made as a result of the feedback received.

  • In Paper Outlines - the Paper Outline for the following instance of any paper that has been evaluated must include a summary of any changes made in response to student evaluations.  (See Evaluation of Teaching and Papers Policy)

Please contact the Evaluation Team if you have questions.