What is this initiative?

An opportunity for you to build on aspects of your teaching practice or try something new with the support of colleagues while giving reciprocal support.

How does it work?

Duos or trios of staff will work together to support the development of their teaching practice. Participants will decide on which aspects of their teaching practice to focus on, will meet regularly according to a schedule of their choosing and exchange ideas, suggestions and constructive feedback. For example, participants might choose to complete teaching observations, others might share or collaborate on the design of resources or activities.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is interested! For example, you might find it fun or useful to see what others are doing, or you might have a specific aspect of your current teaching practice that you want to enhance.

How will my partner/s be chosen?

All participants will attend an initial meeting, together with Te Puna Ako facilitators who will introduce the programme. In this meeting, participants will introduce themselves and explore possible focus areas. Facilitators will help participants to find a suitable partner/s based on their interests.

What will I need to do?

  • Commit to your own development and support your partner/s in theirs.
  • Decide what your goals are and how you will achieve these together.
  • Agree a schedule with your partner/s and share it with your facilitator.
  • Update your facilitator on progress.

What support will Te Puna Ako provide?

Te Puna Ako facilitators will check in regularly while supporting participants to achieve their goals. We are here to help you work effectively and get past any roadblocks that might occur. We can provide resources, connections, or links to expertise.

What’s in it for me?

  • Satisfaction of working with a peer (possibly in another discipline).
  • Exposure to ideas and viewpoints of others.
  • Wrap-around support from Te Puna Ako facilitators.
  • Achievement of agreed goals.
  • Potential for formal credit in TERTL590 (if desired)

What is the time commitment?

Up to six months - flexible depending on goals and agreement with partner/s and Te Puna Ako facilitator.

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in participating in this initiative or have further questions, please email Alison Jolley (AJ) at alison.jolley@waikato.ac.nz