Reflective practice in teaching is more than a self-awareness process in which we pause and think back after something has happened. The moment we start reflecting upon a teaching situation, we naturally begin to raise questions on ‘how that happened?’, ‘Why it happened that way?’, ‘Could it be different?’

Reflective practice in teaching shifts from thinking about a sequence of chronological events to purposeful thinking in order to identify how to improve specific learning situations. It can enable teachers to think systematically about the learning experience of students whose lives they influence in many visible and invisible ways.

If you are interested to know about reflective practice, please see the booklet Reflective Practice (2015), which summarizes key principles and tools in this area.

You are also very welcome to contact CeTTL staff at any time if you want to discuss ideas about reflective practice, or already have clear ideas and would like some support implementing them.

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