Undergraduate domestic

Discover how to apply for students new to university or without a completed degree, such as Bachelor of Arts or Associate Degree in Applied Design.

If you're new to Waikato, here's how the application process works. You can start now (even without your year-end NCEA results) and finalise everything later.

For International students please view the International how to apply.

Apply to study

Watch this video to learn how new, domestic students can apply to study at the University of Waikato.

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How to apply

  1. Create a MyWaikato account

    You can do this now, even if you don't know what you want to study yet.

    • To register your interest, create an account
    • 1-2 minutes

    This gives you access to MyWaikato, where you'll complete your enrolment (and manage a lot of your study, too). All we need for now is your name, date of birth, residency status, and email address, so get started now.

  2. Log in and apply for your course

    Once you know what you want to study, and have all your documents ready, you're ready to apply.

    • Decide what to study: Course Finder
    • Log in and apply
    • Start now and save as you go
    • 15-20 minutes

    We'll ask which qualification(s) and subject(s) you'd like to study, but not exact papers yet. You can start providing the official documents (or verified copies) listed below now, too. If you don't have all of them ready yet, that's fine. 

    • Birth certificate, passport and permits
    • Evidence of citizenship
    • Evidence of any change of name (if your name is different from that on your birth certificate)
    • A written statement in support of your application, if applicable
    • Evidence of any previous tertiary study
    • Proof that you meet the academic entry requirements (e.g. NCEA results or through Discretionary Entrance).

  3. Receive and accept your Offer of Place

    We'll email once we've checked through your application.

    • Your offer might take a few days to arrive
    • We'll email you
    • 1-2 minutes

    Your Offer of Place confirms that you're ready for university study. It includes the qualification(s) you'll take, and your start date. All you need to do is respond online with a "Yes". 

    If you still have documents to provide or your school results aren't available yet, you'll receive a conditional offer.

  4. Choose your papers

    Pick the papers you'll study in your first year, and enter a few other details.

    • Paper selection opens in the weeks before each semester
    • 20-30 minutes

    You can choose all your papers online, or if you need any help we're available to help. There are also a few questions about you and your emergency contact. Once you're all done you'll be able to view your study timetable.

  5. Accept your official Enrolment Agreement

    We check that you're able to take all the papers you requested, then you give us final confirmation.

    • You'll receive this once you're accepted into all your papers
    • We'll email you
    • 2-3 minutes

    This is the last step. In MyWaikato, under 'Qualifications and Papers', check the papers you're accepted into and then complete your enrolment. Your agreement includes the total fees owed, and asks you to confirm how they'll be paid. (For a lot of students, first year is fees-free).

Entry criteria

Ready to apply?

Required documents

What is a verified document?

Please do not submit original documents. Keep them for your own personal records.

A verified copy is a photocopied document signed by someone of suitable standing such a Justice of the Peace, solicitor, barrister, court registrar, or school principal.

This person will need to see the original document and will check that the photocopy is a genuine, unaltered copy. They will then sign, date and stamp the photocopy with an official stamp, or will write “certified original sighted and this is a true copy of that original”.

University staff at the Student Administration desk on campus can also verify your documents.

Note: You cannot send in a photocopy of a verified copy or fax a verified copy. We need the actual verified copy with the original copy of the verification name, signature and date. We do not return these documents; they become part of your university record.

Additional forms/documents

Some courses require additional application information.

When do I get my student ID?

As soon as your enrolment is complete you will be issued with a Student ID card if you provided a photograph in your application. If not, get your photo taken at the Student Administration desk at the Student Centre on the Hamilton campus, or the Information Desk at the Tauranga Campus. Alternatively, you can email idcards@waikato.ac.nz with a photo and your Student ID number to get your Student ID card sent out to you.


If you have any questions about enrolment, choosing a course, or how to become a Waikato student, get in touch with a Future Students Advisor:

Domestic students

Future Students Advisor

International students

Future Students Advisor

Student loans and allowances

Contact studylink