Student loans and allowances

If you're a domestic student and undertaking tertiary study you may be eligible for a Student Loan or Allowance to help fund your tuition and living costs.

What's the difference between a Student Loan and Student Allowance?

Student Loan

A Student Loan helps to pay your course fees, course-related costs (equipment/books required for you to complete your chosen course, travel expenses etc) and can also help towards living costs. You will have to pay back your student loan once you have finished study, Inland Revenue manages your loan balance and repayments.

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Have you checked if you're entitled to fees-free study? If you're eligible you may not need a student loan for course fees!

Student Allowance

A Student Allowance is a weekly payment to help you with your living expenses while you are studying. You do not have to pay back a Student Allowance. You may also be eligible for an accommodation benefit to help cover your accommodation costs.

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How to apply

Once you've made a decision to study, you can apply online at StudyLink for your student loan and/or allowance.

We recommend that you apply at least two months before your study starts, this will allow you plenty of time to receive your Student Loan or Allowance on time, and ensure your fees are paid on time (full details about application and processing times can be found on the StudyLink website).

For further information, please visit Studylink or phone 0800 88 99 00.