A diploma is a short-term study option that can help pave your way to future success.

Why study a Dip?

A diploma is a good way to gain an introductory one-year qualification (120 points) in a particular field of study, without having to complete a whole three-year bachelor's degree.

It is equivalent to the second year of study of a bachelor's degree, and is slightly more comprehensive than a certificate (60 points).

It takes a year of full-time study, or longer if you wish to study part-time.

If you do not have any previous tertiary study or relevant work experience, we recommend that you look at the certificate instead.


A diploma can be taken in any of the following fields:

  • Arts - Dip(Arts)
  • Business - Dip(Bus)
  • Design - Dip(Des)
  • Education - Dip(Ed)
  • Environmental Planning - Dip(EnvPlan)
  • Management - Dip(Mgt)
  • Māori and Indigenous Studies - Dip(M&ISt)
  • Science - Dip(Sc)
  • Social Sciences - Dip(SocSc)

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To complete a Diploma, students must complete 120 points (usually eight 15-point papers). This includes at least 75 points (five papers) within a single field of study (e.g. Arts or Science). At least 75 points (five papers) must be taken at 200 level or above.

Full regulations for the Diploma.

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