Science outreach activities on campus

We offer a selection of science outreach activities at both Hamilton and Tauranga campuses.

These are designed to inspire the next generation of budding scientists, as well as reinforce the science curriculum taught in our local secondary and intermediate schools.

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Year 12-13

Biology: Animal taxonomy time travel

Description: This activity covers the diversity of adaptations that animals have developed for life on land, including the structural and physiological adaptations in each major taxonomic group.

Curriculum supported: NCEA Level 2 Biology - Demonstrate understanding of adaptation of plants or animals to their way of life

Campus: Tauranga

Duration: 2-3 hours

Earth Sciences: Materials for radiometric dating

Description: A practical overview of radiometric dating techniques and the materials used, including zircons for U-Pb dating and various carbon-based materials for radiocarbon dating.

Curriculum supported: NCEA Level 3 Earth and Space Science - Investigate the evidence related to dating geological event(s)

Campus: Hamilton

Duration: 2-3 hours

Chemistry: Hands-on spectroscopy

Description: A chance for students to record NMR and IR spectra, and use these to determine the molecular structure of simple organic molecules.

Curriculum supported: NCEA Level 3 Chemistry - Demonstrate understanding of spectroscopic data in chemistry

Campus: Hamilton

Duration: 2-3 hours

Chemistry: Titration workshop


  • Determine the hypochlorite content in bleach with iodometric titration
  • Determine vitamin C content in juice
  • Carry out a simple acid-base titration

Curriculum supported: NCEA Level 3 Chemistry – Carry out an investigation in chemistry involving quantitative analysis

Campus: Hamilton

Duration: 2-3 hours

Orange oil distillation

Description: Set up a distillation apparatus and extract limonene from orange peel

Curriculum supported: NCEA Level 1 Chemistry and Biology – Demonstrate understanding of how the physical properties of materials inform their use.

Campus: Hamilton

Duration: 2-3 hours

Year 7-11

Earth Sciences: Using sediments to look back in time

Description: A practical introduction to how scientists use the layers in sediment cores to decipher what Earth's surface looked like in the past, from decades to millions of years ago.

Curriculum supported: Planet Earth and Beyond; Nature of Science

Campus: Hamilton

Duration: 1 hour

Biology: DNA Extraction from Strawberries

Description: Learn how to reach into a strawberry and extract the essence of life - DNA! In this session we will run you through an easy way to see what DNA actually looks like, and host you in our state of the art teaching laboratories.

Campus: Tauranga

Duration: 1 hour

Please note: We can accommodate groups up to 30 people. Limited availability from March - September.

Marine Science: Marine Invaders Game

Description: Marine Invaders is a survival of the fittest card game, where your species will fight other species to be the last one standing. Based on local taonga species against invasive species here and yet to come, this game uses ecological principles to highlight species interactions in the unique ecological niche that is Aotearoa.

Optional computer based activity where you create your own "Wanted Poster" using Canva.

Campus: Tauranga

Duration: 2 hours

Please note: We can accommodate groups up to 30 people. Limited availability from March - September.

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